Custom Ad & Announcement Design

"Knowing how to use a camera and perform back hand springs to create a memorable senior adventure isn't my only talent."

Professional Design Services: Sports Program Ads, Yearbook Ads, and Custom Grad Cards designed by the artist.


Many parents of high school seniors are given deadlines for senior ads with NO IDEA on what to do, who to talk to, or how to make it happen. They want their senior to LOVE what they will be seeing, and quite frankly---- they want what they are paying for. With ad prices as expensive as they are, Jenny Thomas ENSURES that her parents are pleased as punch, as always.

Jenny offers professional senior ad design services with modern design elements and a "less is more" mentality, and insures that files are sized correctly so that ads look amazing against the rest. She basically takes the worry from you and ensures it's getting turned in on time, and correctly--- and looking awesome. How easy is that?? 

During Senior Reveal appointments, she will help you choose images that look super awesome together-- so ads will be ON POINT. If her senior clients and their products look good, then she looks good. Agree?


Yearbook ads are a hot topic. Different schools have different deadlines, and again many parents either have no idea what to do or no time to deal with it. Jenny enters the scene, takes over, and wham: worries are gone. Clients proof until they love the ads, custom designed with personal messages, bible verses, quotes, and even a baby picture or two that moms are swearing needs to be on there. Worries gone- Jenny will take care of it, and submits fully designed professional ads for her clients on time. Super easy.


Each January, Jenny starts grad card design.  By April 1st--- custom grad cards have been delivered to her senior clients all over the state of Georgia and outside of state too. Mailbox Happiness. Custom grad cards are just that. They are custom designed by Jenny with the ideas of her clients in mind. Each year she uses the newest senior design elements to create beautiful, professional art to be mailed out to family and friends to proudly announce graduation.