Graduation Announcement Etiquette for Class of 2022: Part One

With graduation day getting closer for all of my seniors- it’s time to start preparing now! I’ll help you know what needs to be done, what to consider and how to begin planning ahead, all according to good old fashioned Senior Etiquette.

Today’s Homework for my 2022 Senior Class: 

Start gathering Names and Addresses for Graduation Announcements using my guidelines below. Keep them handy for when you begin writing thank you notes for graduation gifts. 

Who To Send Graduation Announcements To

You should send graduation announcements to anyone your family would send a Christmas card to. This is a great rule to go-by when creating your announcement guest list. If you get stuck, follow my more detailed guest list below:

Parents and other important family members (they want them on their fridge and as keepsakes.)

Extended Family: grandparents, aunts, uncles, great aunts and uncles and cousins that you may not see everyday, and even those who live out of town.

Close Family Friends & Friends of your parents. People you go to church with or have known for years through sports teams. People that you know personally.

Special people who helped you along your journey.

Save one for yourself!

Who NOT to send graduation announcements to (this is just my opinion, take it or leave it)

-Parents of other seniors (unless you are so super duper close to them and you just want them to have one for keepsake purposes)

-People who absolutely DO NOT KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

-Current teachers (UNLESS you walk it to them with a thank you note explaining how much they mean to you and how appreciative you are of them—- and specifically let them know that you are not expecting a graduation gift.

When To Send Graduation Announcements

So, when do you mail them? Graduation announcements should be sent one month prior to graduation. This will give guests enough time to make plans if they are actually attending the event and/or plenty of time to start purchasing graduation gifts and finding ways to get them to you. (my favorite part!)

My clients receive their custom designed grad cards around the first week in April. This gives them almost a complete month to address and mail them to keep within the suggested guidelines of Jenny’s Grad Card Etiquette tips! However— many just get so excited, they address and mail them over spring break, and that’s fine too!

Whats the difference between Invitations and Announcements? 

Invitations “invite” people to come to the actual graduation ceremony, while “announcements” are not obligating anyone to attend. An announcement simply announces the accomplishment. People love it. 

-Fact: 95% of my clients choose “announcement” over “invitation”.

I’ve already purchased my grad cards but I ran out? Can I order more?

YES!— in fact they are 60.00 for each additional set of 25 cards if they were originally included in your Senior Portrait Collection. I can usually get more within 2 business days.

New Order Pricing for Graduation Announcements (Includes Envelopes)

25 cards: 150

50 cards: 200

75 cards: 250

100 cards: 300

How do I place an order for custom design?

To order extra cards, or to plan an additional design order please contact Jenny by email: Cards must be purchased 100% up front to begin the design process. I want you to love it!!!