Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How much does a senior session cost?

A: This is the question that I am most often asked.  I offer three types of Senior "Experiences": The Local, Travel, and Coastal Senior Experiences.  Each senior experience has a session fee that covers my web/phone consultation to help you plan and prepare your story, a session with three wardrobe changes, my talent, traveling, shooting time, the time it takes culling and color correcting the images, and also the very exciting SENIOR REVEAL appointment at my proofing studio. The session fee covers these things only, which are very time intensive for me.

From there, there is a minimum portrait investment of $1400.00 in products for local & travel sessions, and a minimum investment of 1800.00 for island sessions, due after the senior reveal in my studio.  This amount goes toward your purchase, and at minimum will score a beautifully designed senior coffee table book with 50 five star images, digital files in a private online gallery, wall portraits, prints, graduation announcements & Jenny's assistance designing and submitting senior ads from football season until graduation. 

Pricing & Senior Collections ranges from 1400.00 to 2400.00, depending on the wants and needs of each family. Every order is custom, just like my seniors.

My ideal clients are not just simply looking for social media or digital files, they are looking for a full service senior portrait experience that offers so much more after the actual session date.  My clients love the assistance of picking and choosing framed wall portraits, prints for family and friends, and custom designed physical items to be treasured for life. They also love my assistance in submitting images for publishing throughout the year.  My senior collections are FULL of physical items to walk away with, including social media files, but over time the physical products will be what are treasured the most.

Q: Do you sell digital files?

A: Yes, the higher the price point, the more digital files are included. My most popular collection includes ALL digital files along with all of the physical products included in it as well, up to 75 images.

Q: Do you photograph weddings? School cheer teams? Babies? Turkeys?? Anything else that's alive?? 

A:  Years ago I decided that I should do what I love, and everything else? Pass!  I LOVE my private senior sessions, that's all that I do. I would be glad to refer you to other professionals that suit your situation

Q: What kind of camera do you use? 

A: I shoot CANON, all the way! Canon cameras and lenses, all professional series. I do only shoot with short lenses, part of my secret recipe.

Q: Can I be your senior rep?

A: All of my seniors are my reps. We all rep together- Everybody is cool & I make sure they know it!