Me, Myself, and I: Jenny

+ Christian | mother | wife | Artist | Editorialist

+ Real Person, with a people-pleasing habit. I love to make things PERFECT!

+ voted "Wittiest" and Most "Rebellious" of my senior class!--- lets pretend that was just a few years ago.

+ official advocate for self made uniform: white hat - black shirt - ripped jeans - sperry's -------during photoshoots: 17 years now.

+ Married to my college sweetheart and husband of almost 20 years, Mr. Adam Thomas: Christian, Beard, Muscles, Natural Olive Skin ---- I hate watching him eat cereal. 

+ I just want to soak my kids in with my eyes. I wish my eyes were cameras.

+ I have a big heart for the elderly. I want to know everything they know.

+ My relationship with Christ, my family, and ways I can spread my Joy to others ---- my everything.

+ A tagline I've had since the beginning: Do love what you love, and love what you do. 

About Me

People ask me how I became a senior portrait photographer and I'm never quite sure how to explain my path. Like all great things, it just sort of happened through a series of events and God guiding my steps. My art teacher in high school wrote "slow down, too fast" on every project--- but gave me an A+ in all of my art classes anyway, and ended up giving me the art award every year.  At Georgia Southern, I was a force to be reckoned with on one those wind-up Kodak cameras, and the next thing you know --- digital cameras were invented and bam. I figured it out. Somebody once asked me if I can see light and if you ever get to work with me you will be able to answer that question. I'll probably be blind from looking at the sun all of the time.

I'm based in Wayne County, GA (endless pine trees and open fields filled with something wonderful all four seasons, gorgeous lakes, and being just an hour or so from the beach.  Snake boots are a real thing in my life, and so are all of the wild experiences and adventures that I put myself through, (and others put me through) to make a senior story come to life. 

In terms of photography, my work is a mixture of technicality, posing, and being real doing real things. I love real life movements and moments. I love the art in it. The nostalgia, memories, and personality that I can pull out of people.  It’s forgetting about the world while you explore a new location or laughing at yourself because of how awkward it feels to be the star of the show. I know awkward, because I'm awkward, and I can help anybody be un-awkward because I'm professionally and personally awkward because I just am ( in a crazy, I am going-to-entertain-you type of way). 

Sometimes when I leave my sessions I think to myself, I know they will never forget that, and I love that feeling.

AWARDS: My hometown has voted me to be "Wayne County's Favorite Photographer" many times and the feeling and honor to be called this is so wonderful. I truly love what I do, and do what I love and I hope to make a lasting impression on our future leaders. I'm blessed to work with the cream of the crop--- and I give them my very best. 

God is so good.